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Our Services

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What makes our service effective? 


Every child is different!


We take this into account to ensure that we provide individualized services in order to meet your child's specific needs.


At ACMC each child's program strives to teach new skills, reduce challenging behaviour and to generalize skills across different settings, people and over time. 

Each program contains a variety of goals, which are taught simultaneously.


We teach your child to learn!

 What can we do for you?
  • Initial assessment to determine your child's individual needs​

  • Early Intervention (for children 18 months old and above)

  • Intensive Therapy (20 hours a week for children under 5 and 10-12 hours a week for school-aged children)

  • Team Meetings (with therapists, the supervisor, parents and other professionals)

  • Individualized program 

  • Therapist and Shadow training

  • Parent training

  • Collaboration with other service providers/professionals 

  • Progress Reports

  • End of Service Reports including future recommendations 

Download  your Expression of Interest Form here: 
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